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Audio 2012

Decimation of Attraction” by Mycole Lawrence Brown

Shine Bright” by Mycole Lawrence Brown



Interwoven Strands” by Kat Seidemann



Nothing” by Jill Dewald



Guttural Noises” by Cate Foster



Dearest” by Megan Elizabeth Treumer



Synkroniza” by Sofia Louise Piel



Keep It Up” by Kim Jones/ Goldie Wilson

Manifest Destiny” by Kim Jones/ Goldie Wilson

St John pt1” by Kim Jones/ Goldie Wilson




Caterpillar” by Ryan Druckman



Handsome Brown Pants” by Geoffrey Pennington



November Rain” by Jeff Wandler

One of Those Things About You” by  Jeff Wandler



Sunrise” by Payam Khastkhodae

Barghaye Paeezi (Autumn Leaves)” by by Payam Khastkhodae