Clamor 2012 Contributors

Sebastian Blissett writes, “I am in the CSS major at University of Washington Bothell. For those that know me closely, I am seen as an energetic go-getter. I love making something out of nothing, and I enjoy watching it come into form. I love how Art brings out the best in you and how it leads you to do creative things.”

Gwyneth Boyer writes, “I’m a graduate of the Community Psychology program at UW Bothell and I’ll be starting the Educational Specialist Degree in the area of School Psychology at Seattle University in September.”

Justine Bronfin is a Culture Literature and the Arts major at UW Bothell.

Mycole Lawrence Brown writes, “I write poetry and aspire to be a scientist specializing in biotechnology.”

Quinn Russell Brown is an undergraduate in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program. He plans to work in the independent film industry, writing and directing films as well as organizing funding for films by people of color. His hobbies include watching movies with strong female protagonists, photographing strangers, and witnessing LeBron James doing anything. He is an outspoken advocate of bath-taking.

Denise Calvetti Michaels’ first poetry collection, Rustling Wrens, is forthcoming August, 2012. Her poems are published in Floating Bridge Press, Clamor, Yours Truly, Paterson Literary Review, and other publications. In 2008, she was awarded the Crosscurrents Prize for “Notes from New Orleans,” by the Washington Community College Humanities Association. A recent Jack Straw Writer, Denise earned an MA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College and teaches Psychology at Cascadia Community College.

Chelsea Carter is a Media and Communication Studies student at the University of Washington, Bothell.

Elliott Church writes, “I thank my mom, Suzanne, for being my editor and suggesting the concept of ‘Symposium’ to me.”

Logan Compau writes, “I’m no poet, but I enjoy creating new ways to say things that I care about and that I think someone would appreciate reading at some point in their life. My writing is experimentation with how I want to be heard and I know I’ll never stop creating as long as I breathe. I also have a camera, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Scott Cooper writes, “After high school, you couldn’t pay me to go to college. Twenty years later, I figured I’d give it a shot. I enrolled at Bellevue College in 2009 and am currently a junior at the University of Washington, Bothell. I am majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts and someday hope to wear one of those funny hats at graduation.”

Linda Cung is a senior graduating in Environmental Science. Trekking outdoors with a Rite-in-the-Rain notebook and pencil, raincoat and rubber boots, ready to meet the more-often-than-not wet weather has become second nature to her. She loves it in addition to the friendships and memories that have come along the way which have been an adventure in and of itself. Ice cream is her go-to food.

Lisa deCrais is a UWB alumnus. She writes, “What I find most engaging about creative expression is the way one internalizes information from their larger culture and then expresses it externally as an individual. The whole thing becomes a constant interplay between group and individual, inner and outer expression. Cancer is a Barking Dog is dedicated with great love to my dear friend Tammy Williams, who for over 35 years told me I was an artist. I will miss her always.”

Jill Dewald writes, “I am an alumni of the University of Washington Bothell, with a Masters in Arts and Cultural Studies. I am honored to be part of Clamor once again, and am grateful to still feel be a part of the Bothell writing community.”

Linda Dodge is a Writing Consultant at the UW Bothell Writing Center. She enjoys writing freelance personal experience articles and nature photography. She lives in Bothell with her husband, Tracy and dog, Boone.

Ryan Druckman writes, “I’m a UWB student. I am planning to enter the CSS program in the fall. I like music.”

Cate Foster is a UW Bothell alumna. She loved her time at UWB, both as a student and as a writing consultant. She finds inspiration everywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely places. She has every intention of still writing poetry long after her death.

Shawn Marie Friang is a senior in the Science, Technology and Society at UW-Bothell.

Kelle Grace Gaddis recently received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington. She will be continuing her education in 2012 in the Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing and Poetics program at UW Bothell.

Harmony Gonty is graduating from the IAS program in the Spring of 2012 with an emphasis on Media and Communication Studies. She is a photographer, video artist, graphic designer and general pop culture enthusiast. After graduating she plans on continuing her work as a radio DJ and would like to further her studies in media and cultural studies in sunny Southern California.

Jasleena Grewal draws inspiration from various realms of science. She enjoys poking her nose into ancient scripts, and eavesfropping on the froggies at her secret swamply spot. Her ultimate goal is to find a personal balance between science and mysticism.

Nastasha Lynn Haining writes, “Whimsical: that is what i wish to be, become, and remain. the end.”

Shana Hirsch is a graduate student in the MA Cultural Studies Program. She also works as a Writing Consultant at the UWB Writing Center. Her small farm provides random inspiration for her poetry.

Jessica Louise Hoffart writes, “I am a UWB alumna, and right now, I am spend my time as a reading tutor in an elementary school. I love too hard and fall too fast. I am a poet, a writer, a photographer, and an artist. I love to cook and clean and I spend too much time on the computer and watching TV. I love to read and to hear others’ stories. I am my mother and father’s daughter. I speak to strangers and trust too easily.”

Ashley Hoyle is a local landscape photographer. She loves capturing the beautiful world that surrounds us. You can find her out photographing nature every chance she gets to share it with everyone who finds joy in her work.

Michael Jacques is a senior at the University of Washington Bothell graduating with majors in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior, Media and Communication Studies and a minor in Human Rights. His main interest outside of academics while at UWB was playing rugby for the Seattle campus. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington where he still lives today.

Kim Jones is a UW Bothell student, who plays in the band Goldie Wilson.

Katie Joy writes, “As a graduating senior, I am pleased to have the opportunity to write one last time for Clamor. I look forward to my future of poetry writing and a career in law. My inspiration for Rock Lover was Jon Farrell, a man who practices art through sculpting his own and other bodies in the gym. My intention was to catch his sheer intensity for metamorphosis of the body, mind, and soul.”

Todd Kelley writes, “The natural environment enjoys our company. I spend all of my waking moments communicating with it. It likes to have its picture taken, to be noticed. The natural environment is continually showing us the way back to our wholeness. Whether it be the subtle pitter-patter of ants or the swaying limbs of a willow tree. Heck, that lone tree in the parking lot can show you the way back home.”

Payam Khastkhodae writes, “My mother began teaching me piano from the age of 3 when she saw the great interest I showed. At the age of 9, I wrote my first song and dedicated it for the birth of my sister. Ever since then, I have been composing music and currently have two albums out. My latest album was dedicated to Children’s Hospital for cancer research in children. The only wish that I have with my music is to bring happiness to people and be able to touch their heart.”

Sang-Do Paul Kim is a normal student. He doesn’t really understand Inception but claims to if you ever walk up to him and ask. Paul will use exactly 70 words for this bio because that is the maximum number of words Clamor requested. Paul thinks that people who type about themselves in third-person are trying too hard to be funny. Paul is also strongly recommended by 4 out of 5 professional recommenders.

Scott Le is a UW Bothell student.

Shahrzad Mahmoudi is an Iranian-American artist born in Hartford, CT. She will be graduating from UW-Bothell in Spring 2012. She has been a lover of art since her childhood. At age of five, she showed her interest in art and painting, at which time she was living in the Iranian city of Gilan province (Caspian Sea) with beautiful views of citrus orchards, rice fields, green hills and tea plants. She was attracted by the beauty of nature and started to put her feelings on canvas.

Amanda Martin Sandino is a UW Bothell alumna.

Martha McLain writes, “When I was four I was involved in a very bad car accident that left me with a scar. My friend Sars (also a UWB student) decided to do a photo shoot of it with the help of my friend Caitlin who did the henna to show the beauty of scars. I named it “1/2 an inch of grace” because that’s was how close I came from losing all the function of my leg.”

Rachael Meares writes, “I am an undergraduate pursuing Global Studies in the IAS program. I work as the Retention Lead in the Diversity and Outreach Department. I have discovered that college is not just a GPA. The experience is what you make it. I have discovered that I can be creative and an artist and influence others with my work on a deeper level. If you come into every situation on campus with an open mind, you can reach new levels of enlightenment within yourself.”

Amen Mengesha writes, “I am a media enthusiast and a media communications student at the UW Bothell (class of 2012). I use media to empower humans, and to celebrate our imperfections, to say to people, ‘you are amazing the way you are.’ That is why I am on a mission to make documentary films about the different movements I’ve learned; I am in a process of making a Documentary film that endorses many positive attributes of my heritage.”

Mercie Metcalf is a graduating student of UWB’s Interdisciplinary Arts program. She is an art lover and wannabe author. She is always trying to get started.

Heather Miles is a sentimental Southerner who communicates through food and is fueled by words. She is a very productive laugher. Dramatically expressive and a nearly obsessive fan of hyperbole, the Alabama native and temporarily-interrupted New Orleanian is in love with all the parts of life. Currently roosting in the Pacific Northwest, she is slap in the middle of becoming a Community Psychologist, and she makes a mean roast chicken.

Ajay Pellegrini writes, “As an artist, I am deeply fascinated by the idea that the world is flooded with images of flawless faces and manufactured stereotypes. The goal of my work is to provoke a conversation about how easily images can be distorted with in-camera techniques and how those distortions begin to weave themselves into the fabric of our cultural and political identities.”

Geoffrey Pennington is a community member of Bothell, WA.

Sofia Piel is a writer and photographer with a passion for foreign and indigenous cultures, languages and nature. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire, with a focus in African American Literature.

Brady Pierce is UW Bothell student.

Melissa Pighin will be graduating from UWB June 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and minor in Business Administration. She writes that she “is honored to be featured in the 2012 edition of Clamor with all of these other inspirational artists!”

Michael Plotke grew up in Los Angeles, which he hated; visited Mexico to see his grandpa, who’d gone native; lived in Vancouver a while, as the US seemed ill fated; went to boarding school in New York, which is highly overrated; moved to Mercer Island, where rich people have invaded; learned at Yeshiva in Israel, where he was meliorated; saw Prague and London, left invigorated; returned to Seattle, to become secularly educated.

Carrie A. Purcell lives in Seattle. Her poems have appeared in Zocalo, The Dudley Review, Floating Bridge Review, DMQ Review, Inknode and elsewhere. She is a proud member of the hybrid-arts group, The Heroes. (UW-Seattle Grad)

Sara Rahmani is an Intermediate Photographer/Artist. She writes, “I like to take random photos of whatever catches my eye, especially of close-ups of flowers. As for the artist part: I love working with colored pencils, duct tape, and sometimes paint.”

Erin Sanchez is a first-year graduate student of the Cultural Studies program at UW Bothell and will be applying to Ph.D. programs next fall. In addition to her studies, Erin enjoys photographing the great outdoors with her husband and writing poetry.

Breah Sargent is a current student at UWB with a double major in the Interdisciplinary Studies program with a minor in Human Rights. She is originally from eastern Washington where she mostly grew up by the beautiful Lake Chelan. Her interests have always included photography as a sideline passion and she hopes to continue the pursuit.

Teppei Sato is a student at UWB earning a Media & Communications major and Ecological Restoration minor.

Kat Seidemann smiles cryptically as she drops breadcrumbs of her psyche to mark her path through the forest of higher education. With her efforts she hopes to provide guidance to other wandering souls, or, at least, to leave them some small nourishment. She will begin her MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UWB autumn 2012 hoping to have enough breadcrumbs left over to make a good bread pudding.

Katherine K. Shaw writes, “I’m a first-year graduate student in MACS, so writing poetry is a rare delight these days! I love UW Bothell and when I’m not doing research on domestic violence and women, you can find me reading (yes, more reading!) fun books and drinking massive amounts of caffeine.”

Drew Stone is a junior at UW Bothell, double majoring in Media Communication, and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior. Fulfilled by the completion of a challenge, and the satisfaction of a job well done; Drew is constantly driven by opportunities for collaboration and creation of something new.

Cora Thomas is a graduate student in the Cultural Studies program at UW Bothell. Growing up her playground was the natural beauty of Western Washington, which has greatly influenced her mind, heart, and soul. She identifies as an artist and enjoys photography and film. Writing is her art; the pen her paintbrush. Cora envisions herself working with students in higher education to improve learning and teaching environments.

Megan Elizabeth Treumer is a graduating senior in the IAS program who is majoring in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior program. A Bothell native, Megan found her creative niche during her time spent in the Running Start Program at Cascadia Community College. She continued to pursue creative writing and prose while in attendance at the University of Washington Bothell and hopes to further her creative writing career after graduation.

Aja Utsugi writes, “I’m a photographer, purely as a hobby but I enjoy it quite a lot.”

Jeff Wandler writes, “I am an Environmental Studies student, graduating spring 2012. My interests include Restoration Ecology; Folk Music; Road Trips; Environmental Ethics, and Camping. In my free time, I like to play music with friends or enjoy peaceful days outdoors.”

Hilary Warren has recently graduated from UWB with a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. She has always been encouraged to be artistic from a young age and loves being involved in the arts. As of late, she has been inspired to peruse photography further, but still remains deeply dedicated to teaching dance classes and painting in her free time.

Teris Ivan Winkler is from a wind-scarred rock in the Gulf of Alaska, but has grown to love his Washington home. His hobbies include activities of play, exertion, music, words, and education. Soon he will be a middle school teacher, perpetuating his need to be forever a child. Follow your bliss.