Poetry 2012

When I Am Gone by Cora Lee Thomas

Cancer is a Barking Dog by Lisa deCrais

A Love/Hate Relationship  by Cate Foster

Beautiful Darkness by Natasha Lynn Haining

Lonely Girl by Jessica Louise Hoffart

Sonnet #10  by Carrie A. Purcell

Biblioteca by Amanda Martin Sandino

Authors by Logan Rush Compau

Haiku by Shana Hirsch

Drowned Leaves by Melissa Pighin

Spring Rain by Shana Hirsch

Sunday Start at the Swamp by Jasleena Grewal

Sestina to the Sea by Teris Ivan Winkler

Thistle in the Afternoon by Heather Leigh Mile

On Eggshells by Erin Sanchez

Mask by Chelsea Carter

315.31: Expressive Language Disorder  by Carrie A. Purcell

Interwoven Strands by Kat Seidemann

The Object of All Pink Lost by Chelsea Carter

Thicker Skin by Erin Sanchez

Political Haiku by Drew Stone

Ablaze by Katherine K. Shaw

Struggle by Chelsea Carter

January Rivers Floodstage, 1966 by Denise M. Calvetti Michaels

Lovers by Kelle Grace Gaddis

Uncracked by Heather Leigh Miles

Rock Lover by Katie Joy

Stand Up by Jessica Louise Hoffart

Dinner Leftover by Melissa Pighin

Vanitas Ovum by Heather Leigh Miles

A Night with Andrea Gibson by Logan Rush Compau

Untitled by Anonymous

Symposium by Elliott Church