By Anonymous

I haven’t left you,
I’ve just blown the gig,
found an afterlife, blogs, repetition,
seafood, laundry baskets,
words complicate cleanliness,
eat paychecks, snack on excess
and time pays…it pays…it pays.
I cannot afford words any longer,
can only shop for necessities
and hardware, words, there is no treatment
only advertisements and trash bills,
two player games with nameless neighbors
super wal-mart salvation, we met in a cage,
Made choices by moons and backpacks,
Did we ever discover blank pages at sunrise
or life in pink palaces?
I was once alphabetic bubbles and balloons,
alive, a life.
Stopping for intoxicants and routines.
let’s bond and seek edible words in my
salad bowl of green meanies and two-tone lies.