When I am Gone

By Cora Lee Thomas

When I am gone
River Skagit continues to flow
Sun shines evermore
Rain drops fall to Earth
Trees burst with green in the
Spring and stand naked in the
Crisp Autumn breeze
Moon wakes every Night to gaze upon
Golden Love sleeping in the West

When I am gone
Wind rustles branches of
Strong Cedar
Clouds soar across vast Skies

When I am gone
Mount Sauk stands tall
Unwavering through seasons
Alpine butterflies dance among bright colored
Floral friends

When I am gone
Cycle of Life
Does not stammer
Does not stop

When I am gone
My beating heart resides in
Mossy covered Earth
My blood these
Raging waters flow
My limbs reaching branches of the Old Ones
My body immense summit of
Mount Baker
My eyes white light of Moon and
Golden rays of Sun

When I am gone
I have not gone far
I live inherently within